Gala Dinner

For the evening of the Gala Dinner, we welcome you to a special location – the Volkspark Halle. With its different types of rooms and a paved outdoor sitting area, the Volkspark provides the perfect location for a delightful and memorable evening in Halle.

The Volkspark Halle is one of the largest and most prominent folk houses, which originated in central Germany until 1914. High above the banks of the river Saale, it impressively shapes the silhouette of the city of Halle. In 1907, the Halle workers have created their own meeting place and meeting place with the construction of the Volkspark. The history of the house reflects the political upheavals of German history in the 20th century.

Converted into a military hospital during the First World War, it became a political and cultural arena in the Weimar Republic again. After occupation by the National Socialists as the “Reichshof,” it was appropriated by the SED in GDR times.

After the German reunification, the Volkspark had various tenants and only in 1998 was a multi-year legal dispute over the property issue resolved. The property was returned to the former owner, the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Since 2003, the “Burg Giebichenstein”, the University of Art and Design in Halle, has mainly used the building for its own purposes, e.g. as a gallery. In 2009, the SPD transferred the ownership and responsibility to the Verein Volkspark Halle e.V., who began with the partial renovation of the building in 2012.

Join us at the Gala Dinner, which will give you the chance to mix and mingle with colleagues and friends, and to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Admission: 50.00 €
Venue: Volkspark Halle | Schleifweg 8a | 06114 Halle (Saale)
Directions: Take Tram 8 (direction Trotha) from Marktplatz (market place) to Volkspark. The ride takes about 8 minutes and you will pass five intermediate stops. You can see the venue right opposite from the tram stop.
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